To get to know my user Becky, I first created a broad topic map of all the areas and aspects I wanted to cover during an initial interview.

Topic map of areas to explore during the first interview session

User Interviews

During this first interview, I was able to learn about Becky, her goals and frustrations and the sort of technologies she uses in her daily life. I had the opportunity to interview her a second time with a set of focused interview questions to identity the aspect of her life that could be improved (breakfast preparation), and to find the underlying reasons behind her frustrations.

Interview questions asked:

  • What is the hardest part about eating breakfast to you?
  • Have you tried anything currently to help solve the issue?
  • How do you feel when you start the day without eating breakfast?
  • How do you feel when you do get to eat breakfast?
  • How much time do you currently spend on breakfast preparation?

These focused questions not only allowed me to get a better understanding of the problem at hand, but also understand Becky’s personality traits which would prove to be very useful when it came to designing and prioritizing the app features.

Affinity mapping. I created an affinity diagram to cluster and synthesize interview responses into categories. Affinity mapping helped highlight several patterns in the qualitative data collected.

User Persona

I then compiled the user interview responses into a user persona.

To understand how Becky is feeling during a typical day, I explored a customer journey map as shown below.

From customer journey mapping, I could get a sense of her daily routine, observe her thoughts and behavioural patterns during key activities/events and also plot where her pain points are. I noticed immediately that her major pain points were clustered around the morning time, when is she struggling to come up with breakfast ideas before leaving her house. These findings gave me a direction for my project — to find a way to improve her morning.

Domain Research

Following my user research, I conducted some preliminary domain research to see how I could differentiate my product from what’s currently available and identify the strengths and weaknesses of these existing apps.

What was common in all of the apps above, was that they all provided access to large databases of recipes, allowing users to apply numerous filters, sort and find recipes by various categories. As I narrowed down my research for breakfast-specific apps, I observed that they were quite cluttered as there were lots of information displayed on each screen, search results were disorganized and images/cooking videos that were embedded from YouTube often lagged and caused the apps to freeze or crash unexpectedly.

As I thought back to my user Becky, it seemed that searching for a breakfast recipe on these existing apps would be time-consuming and stressful.

The issue here was not about providing access to recipes, rather about the app designs themselves and the ways in which recipe information was being presented to the user. I aimed to differentiate by including only the most relevant information in the , to ease Becky’s decision-making processes.

Becky’s Problem

Problem Becky has a hard time figuring out what to eat for breakfast, and as a result, ends up skipping it or grabbing anything she can quickly find before heading out for work. She feels that she does not have enough time to incorporate a nutritious breakfast in her busy morning routine.

When she eats breakfast It starts her day off on a positive note, makes her feel better about time management, helps her maintain good nutrition and enhances her mood.

Proposed solution

Runny Eggs logo

To design Runny Eggs  which allows Becky to quickly search for breakfast recipes using ingredients she already has at home and filter by cooking time.

To validate my proposed solution, I also asked the following set of product-specific questions during the interview:

  • How do you think a breakfast app would help you?
  • What sort of features would be most helpful or appealing to you?
  • What might put you off from using this app?
  • What are some of your ideal expectations for this product?

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