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My experience with designing in make me have a new perspective and interest at the same time. As a fresh graduated what I know about Tokopedia is a marketplace with a cool headquarter, I have no idea I will be a designer in Fintech team. It was surprisingly making me more nervous as a new employee there. But I keep on my mind that is a great opportunity to start my passion and career. So, I try to understand more what is Financial Services? What can I do to improve the Fintech product to make user life easier?

I will mumble a bit about Financial Technology because of course the first thing I did before I do my job as UX designer on the team is knowing more about financial technology. “Fintech” is an effort to create products and services that can empower or help people financially through technology or by using technology. Financial Technology encompasses a new wave of companies changing the way people pay, send money, borrow, lend, and invest.

How Did it all Begin?

People’s anger at the banking system was the perfect breeding ground for financial innovation. Good timing, because digital natives (a.k.a millennials) were becoming old enough to be potential customers and their preference pointed to the mobile services they understood and mastered. instead of bankers, they could not relate to. A special case in Indonesia, people scared to go to the bank because they feel intimidated and nervous to meet tellers.

So, what can I do with Fintech? and what is the role of UX designer in shaping fintech products to make user life easier? The first thing that can be done is to look for any problems users will face when they are using fintech products.

The Problems

  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of familiarity
  • Is seem as intimidating
  • Trust issue, people cannot entrust their finances to a mobile phone

Role UX in Fintech

In Indonesia, we have a lot of opportunities based on any persona. We have to know that product we are making is depended on who are the customers. People need financial services, they don’t want it, you have to find the specialty or the benefit for your customers and how they can achieve something they don’t imagine.

  • Understand customers better, how they behave, how their lives and what they need
  • Analyze behavior users how they retain to this product
  • You can’t take all convenience, let the user take control
  • Competitive research, see from another country and match your situation
  • Steal best ideas all around the world
  • Lock yourself in a bunch of people in the room, do brainstorming and design best experience you can think of
  • Start drawing on an empty board
  • Make a prototype and validate your ideas

The most important thing that makes me enjoy all process is the collaboration of my teammates that always try to create the best fintech products 🙂 Really proud of them!!!

Please try to explore Tokopedia Fintech products here

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