A question mark, straightaway. A big one.

As a UX designer I spend part of my time attending conferences, listening to other designer’s hands-on experiences. What I think about my job, and what made me fall in love with it, is that a UX designer is a problem solver by nature, empathetic and capable of walking in someone else’s shoes. Basically, a UX designer loves a problem.

When I hear statements like “ is the ” I know that something is missing: an inclusiveness, that should be our mission. When we design services and products we aim to bring more happiness and less frustration to EVERYONE.

Looking at VUI (Amazon Echo and Alexa, Google Home, Siri), are we thinking about everyone? At the moment and at the state of the art, no. We are leaving behind part of our users, those with hearing impairment. Surfing the web and looking for clarifications, I came to this https://goo.gl/GshucV

What I feel, is that for the moment VUI is not the future, is part of future, just because we are designing solutions for a specific segment of users.

Few months ago, I got the chance to listen to an amazing keynote by Rosana Ardila, Open Innovation @ Mozilla, and the crowdsourcing project Common Voice(https://voice.mozilla.org). Common Voice is “Mozilla’s initiative to help teach machines how real people speak”. This a participative initiative, so it is inclusive. But does Mozilla involve all the people too? Will Common Voice have an inclusive strategy?

At the moment, we are bringing joy and happiness to part of the population, when we should shape a future where technology and machines are helping solve daily and real problems.

Probably the solution is to develop different choices (such as VUI, UI), and different technologies, and put more effort to solve the diversity of problems we face, together.


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