Icons8 team shares free simple service based on the research about the used on real websites

Summary: The fonts study made by Icons8 shows that of the successful startups aren’t keen to use the trendy, cool fonts on their websites. They mostly rely on old good system fonts, some of the popular Google Fonts. And also they misspell font names quite often.

Check the font service on Product Hunt and join the discussion.

“What’s your favorite font face?”

Designer’s Challenge

“What’s your favorite font face?” — she asked after the second glass.

The question felt tough.

Segoe UI? Not cool.

Comic Sans? Well, at least you’ve tried to joke.

Helvetica Neue? It lacks personality.

Which fonts are cool fonts?Which fonts are used on real live websites? What’s more, which fonts do successful teams use?

Fonts of the Best Startups

We wanted to get the answers — so we did research.

For best startups, we chose the one that won on ProductHunt.

We scraped the CSS from the websites and studied the font-face attributes.

Font Study Results

This way we’ve got:

  • The most popular fonts
  • For each of them, the most popular font combinations
  • For each font pair, the list of websites that use it.

Have a look on what we got.

The most popular font combinationon the websites from ProductHunt appeared to be Helvetica Neue and Consolas


We’ve analyzed thousands of fonts in the study. Let’s limit our analysis to:

  • Top 50 fonts
  • And for each, top 50 fonts that combine with them.

Here’s what we get in quick numbers.

Here’s our study of the best fonts in the numbers.

Best Fonts

We hoped to discover the combinations of the fonts trending in particular years. However, we’ve found that there aren’t many trends. In fact, people use the same well-checked fonts over and over again for years.

Key Insights

  • People use the system fonts, a lot.
  • People use Google Fonts, a lot.
  • There’s a long tail of the misspelled fonts. Real fun sometimes — you’ll see below.
  • People use icon fonts. Many! We’ve filtered out over 20.
  • Shockingly, there’s no place for Comic Sans!
People use the system fonts, a lot.

Icon Fonts

New projects still use the fonts for icons in 2018 (how to convert the icons to the fonts — better don’t though).

We offered a number of better solutions, still they’re not close to our Line Awesome library. Is it the purpose, replacing one icon font with another icon font?

Funny: Misspelled Fonts

First, we tried to place all fonts in 3 font libraries:

  • Google Fonts
  • Typekit
  • Font Squirrel

Of 500 unique fonts scraped by us, only 126 had matches in any of three libraries. Of the rest 374, there’s the diversity of misspelled words, for example:

  • Montserray → it should be Montserrat
  • Rpboto → it must be Roboto

Cliches Are True

People don’t look like their Instagram shots. True.

People are not as happy as their Facebook profiles are trying to convince us. True.

And designers don’t use all those trendy font combinations. True. We love this guide from Great Simple. Our study shows people only like it.

Check the font service on Product Hunt and join the discussion. Or just jump into using it.

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