Simple choices for complex problems.

One of the top thing I understood is to always choose simplicity over complexity. is a complex platform, this is why I always strived to be simple and rational in my choices. Projects are full of ambiguous problems and finding the easiest way to answer them can be really tricky.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 
– Leonardo da Vinci –

I believe that the ultimate goal is to make Shopify merchants spend less time as possible on the platform, and help them to focus on their core business instead. So they need to quickly understand how things work and to trust Shopify. Looking for a simple solution doesn’t mean to be simplistic, it means to be efficient. Most of the time, it is harder to find the right and simple solution than to create something complex.

During my internship, I often had new information coming to me, a new parameter that changed the all problem, that made my answer irrelevant. I to be prepared for change and to accept that I was working on a dynamic product. The best way to be prepared was to be one step ahead, already with different options in mind. I needed to stay simple in my design solutions, but above all, I had to come with several options. One technique could be: If it seems easy to have 1 idea, let’s try to find 5 instead. Then, when you know which path is the right one, search for new variants, again and again. It can be an infinite loop, with feedbacks, reviews and iterations. The thing to remember is that there is always something new to improve.

In my opinion, being a designer in a product company means being able to make compromises, to put oneself in the shoes of others, and of course to never forget the product vision or the users needs behind your solution. All of this while keeping it simple.

Advice 2: Do what is effective rather than what is “Wow”. Be rational in your decisions.

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