Netflix browser page full of films and tv shows recommended for you by Netflix algorithms

The most experiences are often the most simple. Knowing how to take the complexity of a design and turn it into something that is visually pleasing, simple to use and offers a retention is an art and a skill. Take Netflix; they started off as an online DVD rental service in the late 90’s and when they spotted an opportunity in the online entertainment sector, they became one of the pioneers of content streaming. Nowadays, the of using Netflix has become so ingrained in our lives that many people barely notice the tailor-made content that has been suggested to them by the complex algorithms in the background of the service. But this simplicity is perhaps the beauty of Netflix; understanding the needs and desires of what people watch has enabled Netflix to develop content that keeps people coming back for more.

You can build the most amazing looking website or mobile app in the world, but if it is unusable or provides frustration for its user, then it has ultimately failed. By taking a design thinking approach, designers can expose the user to the progress of the product at each stage to gain feedback which helps to refine and adapt the design to their needs. Getting users involved can be beneficial, both to the success of the system and user satisfaction. It is essential to understand the user as much as possible because the experience is not restricted to a moment in time but rather concerns a continuous flow and a continuous amount of things taken in by a consumer.

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