Andrew Doherty — CEO,, Berlin, Germany

Formerly Product Design Manager at Google, Mountain View


Australian 🇦🇺

What are you planning on over the next  ?

  • Generative Design
  • Computational Design
  • Mandarin
  • Story telling

Generative & Computational Design 
As we move into the future, it’s no secret that Ai is coming for our jobs. Pixel pushing and UX will be replaced by Ai systems that can do our job for us, faster, better, and uniquely for each of our customers.

Websites and apps as we know them today, are dying. Information gathering and question answering will be handled by bespoke and personal Ai systems who tailor and retrofit solutions for us in real time.

Anyone who wants to stay in the field of UX/UI and design needs to learn to be the designer of these systems themselves, rather than simply the designer of products and user interactions. Design the loom. Not the blanket.

English is arguably the lingua franca of the whole world, at least for now. But It’s extremely naive of native english speakers to assume that it will always be this way. Businesses who want to truly maintain a global foothold must understand how quickly and cleverly China is advancing, not just in terms of industry and growth, but also their advancement in artificial intelligence and technology.

Bridges need to be built between the two hemispheres. Bridges strong enough to withstand the corrosive and destabilising winds of change. Respecting this situation deeply enough to begin to learn the language seems only logical. Communication has always been the best type of foundation stone upon which solid and useful bridges can be built.

Story telling
The first law of thermodynamics, essentially dictates that we will always be moving from a state of order, into chaos. Forever. I believe this to be true of all things. I’ve taken such a toll on this planet. We all have. Nothing I do now will ever be able to repay it, or undo the damage I have caused.

As things get crazier and crazier, it makes sense to try to figure out a way to survive the chaos while still trying, always, to add value to the lives of those around me.

I imagine that we are all sitting around a campfire, and our fire is going out. The wind is howling. It’s getting colder, and darker. It’s going to go out soon. We are going to perish. What am I to do? I can let the fear take me, while I sit there shivering and crying. Or I can try to sing a song and tell a story that might, even for just a few moments, calm the others who are sitting around the fire with me. I can try to offer them something magical, something that makes those last few moments special. The darkness of the crazy unknown is creeping quickly all around us… Would you like me to tell you a story?

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