Apple, Google, InVision. Let’s go through each one, their strategies and their possible future.

Apple — The Trend Setters of the Western World.

Apple HomePod & Apple Watch

Apple. What more can I say? As the company with the biggest market cap in the world, the company that pioneered digital , the company that marketed exclusively to creatives they have a hold on trends which can hardly be rivaled by anyone else than Google.

Almost everyone tries to imitate Apple currently. You can see it with the iPhoneX and the multitude of clones it has now by both major and small companies.

Let’s not forget that the current digital design stack is exclusively on macOS. Sketch, Framer and several other which are the most popular design applications in the world are currently made exclusively for macOS. There is no way to escape the influence of Apple if you are using their software day-in day-out. Also everyone thinks that they are on the forefront of design so Apple has almost a cult-like following in both designers and other consumers.

Apple’s Strategy — “Integrate with the users.”

Since Apple is heavily investing in VR/AR and sound it seems that they want to integrate into the daily lives of their users. I won’t be surprized that since the HomePod and Apple Watch were released they will be going for domestic integration — changing your air conditioner settings, ordering food for you, the works.


The future of Apple seems to point more and more to VR, AR and sound. Along with this their design system, their language is changing to accomodate for these new environments.

Google — The Innovators

Google Home & Material Design

Google. The all encompassing company. Today, Google is integrated in the daily lives of almost everyone on the planet — both businesses and individuals. Material Design is regularly updated, made easier to use and building apps with it is a joy. Google’s Gallery feature makes the developers’ lives way easier than before. Since the majority of the mobile market is using Android they have a huge influence on the design that uses their guidelines and design system.

They are on the forefront of design along with Apple. Google’s design system is quite literally changing the world.

Google’s Strategy — ” Own the world”

Google is branching off to more and more industries so their influence can be felt everywhere. They are the biggest advertiser in the world along with the popular social media platforms so they basically own the marketing world.


Their future, same as Apple’s, might lie in AR/VR and sound.
At least as far as related to design.

InVision — The Disruptors

A fascinating company. Their products are great and used by most digital designers. One thing that is more outstanding than their products though is the depth of their marketing strategy.

They have their InVision online platform which they used to market through the ordinary channels — social media, direct marketing, e-mail, etc. They have their new product which encompasses the major pain points of digital designers of today — design, prototyping and animation — called InVision Studio.

And then they have Muzli.

I’m really fascinated by the idea of Muzli and the way InVision can penetrate the market with this add-on. With it they can prime and literally jam their products down the throats of their users who are me and you — designers. I am really amazed and jealous of their idea. I guess it has really high effectiveness. All the digital designers I know use it on their devices, they know about InVision Studio from there and regularly consume the content posted on the “Our Picks” page. On top of that they provide tremendous value with the ability to curate content that designers want to see and the flexibility of choice about what to see to some extend.

There is literally no escape from this marketing tool.

Of course, they have some side products like which also provides tremendous value to the readers but along with this InVision has the ability to influence a whole wave of designers.

InVision’s Strategy — “Provide value.”

All of InVisions products and marketing tools provide actual value to designers and developers alike. No matter how much advertising they push through their marketing channels that won’t change and people won’t be mad. At least in the macro.


The future of InVision seems bright and they are close — in my humble opinion — to the amount of influence that Apple and Google have in the design world.

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