While putting more and more things from the dresser to the ground, Pigdog explores more in the back, which he had almost forgotten about.

[🐷🐶]: “To be honest, my dresser provides only limited space and I want my wardrobe to fit in properly. I want to take an item from this space in no time — without pushing other items away. Finally, time is money. I want to find an item by instance in the right context, at the right time, in the right place.

Hey, aren’t money- and time-saving needs lucrative business goals? How often have I searched for a specific item in the morning, then came late for work, so that I had to work late into the evening? What a shame for a true pigdog. But I have to admit I’m still in doubt, when do the business people come in.”

[🐝]: „You want the full experience? Wear a tie. Do it while determining your keepers. You will feel very important and in charge while achieving your business goals.”

Unfortunately, Pigdog couldn’t find a tie in his wardrobe’s mess. So, he moves on by wearing his best pyjamas.

[🐷🐶]: “While determining my keepers, I will only keep the most important clothes, that I really want to wear. Clothes, which fit me, which are easy to wear and yet aesthetic. My wardrobe should only cover situations, which play a role in my life. There is nothing, which stops the feasibility. Feasibility plays no role at .

Suddenly my winning-mood changes. I took something silver from the corner of my dresser. Through my hands glide a pair of dancing shoes, which I’ve almost forgotten about. As hard as I think about it, no situation comes to mind, in which I want to wear these shoes. Yet so many memories stick to it. Although it makes no sense to keep them, I cannot give the shoes away. Not for a ton of money. Decluttering without the heart is not possible. As a compromise, I carefully remove the shoes from my dresser and put them into my memory-box — my private backlog.”

Pigdog remembers a discussion with the programmers at his workday, when he had to do comprises to his ideas, because the programmers could not implement all the ideas. Also, the last point of feasibility goes to the bee.

While designing make sure, that you equally consider the three points: users, goals and technology. As a training create a Persona of yourself. Collect ideas for the target user, prioritize and reduce, reduce as well as reduce features as the first step for an intuitive User Interface. But do it by heart and store the silver dancing shoes. As the attorney of the users you sometimes mustn’t give up in discussions with the developers or the business people. If the developers say, they will not implement features in the given time and the business people won’t easily spend more time, pile all your features on the ground. Then take each feature into hands and ask truly yourself “Can I pass this feature? Is there a feasible compromise? Is the feature valuable enough for the user, thus I have to convince for getting additional time or money?” As soon as last one matches, don’t give up to only avoid hard discussions. The user cannot speak for himself. You can. But, if you fail to get all three perspectives equally and if you want to keep all your darlings alive, no matter the costs and the user value, then take your personal Pigdog, make a pile and declutter your clothes.

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