When Amelia Sans and I came up with Anonymous Instant Mentoring App “All Ears” at the Adobe Creative Jam competition in May 2018, it was an for . Fear not, it still is!

However, there was a tiny period of time when we did consider expanding it into a universal app. We thought, “Everyone deserves mentoring! Besides, if we’re going to expend time and energy developing an app, why not allow a larger user population to derive value from it?”

Well, when in doubt, turn to user research!

These findings from the Pew Research Center’s 2017 study on gender issues in the US and a 2013 survey on women in the workplace caught our attention:

Clearly, far more women seem to be faced with barriers slowing down their career advancement. The need is real. This led us to stick to our original plan of serving female professionals with our anonymous instant mentoring app “All Ears.”

Source link https://blog.prototypr.io/why--an-instant-mentoring-app-for-female-professionals-a434f207ee20?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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