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What is exactly Dtexxxt is?

Dtexxxt is Dribble shot description editor.

Why I Dtexxxt? 
So, for posting a design in dribble all need to type the description in plain HTML. Dtexxxt makes that process super easy. Format text, add links, emojis and copy HTML – so that you can paste it in Dribble. Anyone can use it and create rich Dribble Descriptions.

Why do we need Dtexxxt? 
DTexxxt helps dribble users to post text with basic formatting and links easily. The text editor allows you to add, format, copy and paste text in Dribble in an instant. Hope this site is useful for you

This tool is as simple as using a text editor.

Here are some samples of Creative design having single line of description.

Here is our Dtexxxt editor.

Just type the text in the editor, select the text and then click on the bold or italic or link (font name: code) or emoji icon.

Once you type the description just copy the html by clicking on the copy icon in the right bottom corner of the editor. HTML will be copied in your clipboard. And press ctrl + v in the shot description.

Click on save changes. Happy Dribble Shot

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