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Cross-platform Mobile development has become a thing since late 2016.The show has begun and the curtains have raised. Xamarin has entered the show early.

Later people thought why not marry Web and Mobile worlds.Then did the Javascript-warriors attack the cross-platform mobile world with various frameworks like Phonegap,Ionic,Native- Script,Pwapps and their most favourite..Reactive.

The show so far was running fine , but was not amazing or as smooth as expected. Their Documentations aren’t the the best thing in the world you’d to read , and as a student, I found them really hard to comprehend. Like really.

But things changed when Flutter entered the show

Flutter apps run that smoothly

Coding apps somehow became blissful. Bringing out beauty became much more simpler.Deadlines seemed to look much more longer.

Its comes loaded with lots of Lego -like- building blocks called widgets, which makes it relatively easy to connect the dots and give your idea Life, instead of wasting time re-inventing the wheel again.

Do you believe eating tasty food is the best way of experiencing instant gratification? You better think twice cuz you haven’t heard about Flutter’s instant Hot Reload feature yet.


It quickly reloads the UI of your app, giving your vision an instant visual treat, instead of waiting tiresomely and spend your time biting nails, only to find a bug at the end.

Welcome to the Dart family

Flutter is not a language of its own, but its a framework for another programming language called Dart. Dart is an awesome optionally typed object oriented language which thankfully supports way different programming paradigms ( including React 😉 ) giving you the flexibility to code the way you want and trust me, you will feel right like home if you are familiar with any C-based language before, so get cool with the basics from the generous community online, then you are good to go.

All batteries included,Dart will provide all the comforts your apps needs, from parsing complex J-SON’s to building useful REST-ful api’s, all of them are just a package call away.

I personally don’t have many years of experience in programming, but I do find practicing my algorithms and data structures which are btw taught in my college, using DartLang quite simple.

“What development language should I choose, and what tech is coming around the next corner?” Well, here it is — Flutter and Fuchsia. In 2019 you will see these two words everywhere, and now is your chance to get ahead of the curve. — Forbes

Closing notes

I would conclude jumping out of joy that I would no longer need to struggle wasting time deciding between choosing Swift of Kotlin . Flutter gives you the power to target both the iPhones and Androids , with just a single codebase which is indeed maintainable and saves you a tone lots of time an money.

One can always add in native features through platform channels themselves if flutter dosen’t provide something specifc..but trust me, its community is increasing at an exponentially rate so certainly it’ll get only better as time proceeds.

So go ,explore what flutter has got for you.

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