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With more investment from companies on personalizing their products’ experiences, products that don’t consider their users and make their experience personalized to them will be neglected.

In the coming years, people would expect any product they used to know about them completely, what they like and don’t like, what are their preferences, what are their interests, what are their habits, and what they expect and don’t expect?

Users’ data are collected everywhere and with the rise and the development of machine learning which aims for learning from this data, companies will have more opportunities and more areas to work on than before. With other trends like omni channel experiences, voice user interfaces, VR, AR, and the integrated technologies in our daily life, The quantity and the quality of the data will scale in many areas.

I assume that different people will experience totally different experiences using the same product. Products will be intelligent enough to expect how this specific user thinks, feels, take decisions and how to convince him to buy or do something.

I imagine that I wake up in the morning, my coffee is prepared as the coffee machine have learned about my habits and wake-up time. I go to my car which plays my favorite morning songs, open my email that provide my with what I care about and ignore other unimportant messages and so on.

Finally, I Wanna listen from you about your predictions and expectations about the future of these personalized experiences?

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