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Episode is a link show. James and Per discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention.

Article one is in Design is the Wrong Approach by Jared Spool. “We often hear designers talk about consistent navigation, consistent page layouts, or consistent control elements. In each case, the designer is looking for a way to leverage the usability by creating uniformity. After all, if the user learns to operate the design in one place, why not have that knowledge transfer to the next. This is all good. But wrong.”

Our second article is The Joys of Polarity Mapping by Stephen Anderson by Stephen Anderson. “A problem is something that can have a right — or best — answer. A solution exists. Polarities are not a problem to be solved, but rather a paradox to be balanced. Problems give us two ideas that are directly opposed and in conflict. Polarities give us two ideas that are complementary and interdependent.”

(Listening time: 29 minutes)




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