The foundation of great is good . And the foundation of good is not-shitty . You cannot have great if your is not good, and you cannot have good if your sucks. That is the message of the Bad Roundup.

If you ever wondered when I would stop talking about terrible design and start talking about awesome design, then you aren’t ready for this article. You should stop reading right here and go back to reading paeans to “delightful” UI animations.

Simply by learning to avoid pissing off or harming your users, you can become a better designer than most of the jabronies working for the 800-pound gorillas. For that reason, don’t discount the utility of learning about bad design. That said, for the truly worthy designers out there, the time has come to give you the tools to go from a great designer to a legendary one.

This series will describe and explain various of good UX design, and list some of the well-known UX principles these designs exemplify. These principles include:

Jakob Nielsen — Usability Heuristics

Susan Weinschenk’s — Psychological Usability Heuristics

Bruce Tognazzini’s — First Principles of Interaction Design

Guy Kawasaki’s — DICEE

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