When working on a marketing strategy, a company thinks about materials they’ll need to implement it. Along with texts, and service business owners take care of visual materials including images, animations, and videos. Even though it’s well known that people perceive visual information better than textual, not many companies are willing to deal with design.

Today, we’ll give you five why you should have an animated video for a successful product or service presentation.

1. Tell your story in a simple and fun way

Storytelling is still a trendy way to deliver information. No matter what kind of message you want to deliver — informative, educational or introductory — you can always craft it into a story. People not only love good stories but also tend to remember them well. Use the power of storytelling to make your videos memorable.

A lot of companies that provide engineering and software solutions have already taken advantage of animated videos. These companies know that any tech- or statistics-heavy topic can be transformed into compelling and understandable illustrations. Any graphs and charts are better accepted if they are animated and accompanied with a voice over.

Don’t struggle attempting to describe your product or service with words; wrap any of your challenging or abstract ideas into nice video with a catchy plot and you’ll easily grab your audience’s attention.

Here is an example of an explanatory animated video our designers created based on the article about gamification in UI/UX design. This video, in an easy and fun way, explains that gamification techniques can motivate users and improve the user experience.

2. Engage and convert your audience

Apart from drawing attention and telling a story, animated videos actually engage and convert. Have you noticed that call-to-actions embedded into animated videos don’t look aggressive and annoying? That’s because these CTAs are a part of the story and people don’t feel like you’re trying to sell them something.

Consider animated videos as another lead generation technique and use it as a subtle way to get your sales message across without being pushy.

An animated promo video we designed for Binned, a trash bin cleaning service, is a good example of including a sales message into the scenario. Binned wanted us to design a short animated video that would give a sense of the service they provide. We offered a story describing the full cleaning process supported by custom illustrations and added a sales message showing the price per month. So, on the one hand, it’s an entertaining cartoon but on the other hand, it’s a high-grade offer that will convert.

Promo video for Binned

3. Don’t spend a fortune on video production

Budget is often a decisive factor in favor of one or another promotional material. If you decide to go for a live-action video, you should be ready to pay for props, casting, sets, equipment, video editing, and production. Whereas outsourcing animated video production to a design agency, you pay for the time of an illustrator and motion designer who can transform any of your brave ideas into reality. More importantly, you can easily add changes to your video while designing it and afterward.

The Year-in-Review video we created for Opera is a good case reflecting the cost-effectiveness of animated videos.

Opera was looking for a design agency that could craft a video presentation of their products’ success in 2016. Each of the eight complex illustrations we created demonstrates a different environment and season. Now, can you imagine what the price would be if Opera decided to go for a live-action video with the same scenario? Actors, decorations, environments, and sets would cost them like producing a trailer for another blockbuster.

Year-in-review video for Opera

4. Unlimit your creativity

The opportunities of motion design are unlimited; it provides total creative freedom. With modern cutting-edge techniques, designers can transform any of your stories into impressive and engaging videos.

Animated videos give you the freedom to scenes that are physically impossible and to bring your company mascot to life. You may a series of animated videos in order to show your company’s progress, new features, or recent updates.

Another creative example of custom illustrations and animated video design is our work for OffCents, a company that tracks your carbon emissions from transportation. With the OffCents app, people can take part in the fight against global warming and environmental pollution by funding various carbon-reducing projects.

Explainer video for OffCents

Make your marketing team happy

In addition to being engaging and sales-oriented, animated videos also bring a valuable contribution to the marketing strategy.

Fun and original animated videos are highly shareable on social media, which is why they have good chances to go viral. If you have your video uploaded to YouTube and embedded on your webpage, you may expect search engines to give preference to your page. And besides, animated videos can be a part of email newsletters, paid advertising campaigns, blog articles, and presentations.

Animated video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used on any platform you choose. Don’t underestimate this type of content and be sure you know what benefits animated video can bring to your business.

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