Well, here we have our latest version of Flow — v1.1 — whose list of attractive features is definitely more elegant that the previous release. We’ve spent a significant amount of time fixing up the onboarding experience (hence the title of the article), making it easier in many places to create new projects, create new timelines, and get to exporting code more easily than before.

Dark Mode

We tuned up the way the app looks, then took full advantage of Mojave’s new dark and light modes, as well as accent and highlight colors.

Adopting dark mode in Mojave was no small feat.

Welcome Window

The welcome window has had a bit of an overhaul. We’ve added a new layout, as well as a couple of lovely onboarding features. When you launch Flow for the first time, we have two lovely buttons that you can tap on.

The first launches an intro video, taking a few minutes to show new users how to get up and running with the app.

The second launches a built-in sample file that has a variety of timelines in it. So, instead of copying and paste files from our .dmg, users can now jump straight into the action.

Artboard Picker

Again, in the interest of removing steps between you and your animations, we’ve updated the artboard picker to be more concise. Now, you can switch pages, drag and drop, and remove artboards more easily than before.

Timeline Creation

Sometimes we just don’t like the timelines we’ve made, so we go and delete them all… When we do, there’s a lovely new view on the stage that lets you create a new timeline from your linked Sketch file, or…

… You can also create a new timeline with an empty artboard!

Scene Updating

Now, here’s a very handy feature. Flow 1.1 introduces the ability to change the size of the main scene. Yes, you can resize your artboards around your previously created animations.

It’s pretty easy to change the size of the scene.

This “small” touch was actually a lot of work.

New Docs

We’ve added a heaping spoonful of new documentation pages to our site.

On createwithflow.com/docs/ you’ll find walkthroughs for concepts like importing sketch files, explanations of how layers and shapes work, and detailed notes on the who, what, where, when and why of how we export code to html and swift.

On those docs you’ll also find some video tutorials that walk you through new concepts. For example, the Getting Started tutorial has an in-depth explanation of the steps users should take when working with Flow for the first time.

Sketch 52.

Sketch recently released a significant update to their app, and in particular their file structure. This definitely threw a wrench into our release plans. Jeremie, the Atlas that he is, was able to shoulder updating a huge amount of infrastructure for parsing and converting Sketch files to our own format. He did a fantastic job and we’re happy to say that Flow 1.1 supports the latest version of Sketch.

That said…

Flow will now only support importing of Sketch 52+ files.

Which is okay because:

  1. You can always open older files in 52+, save them, and Flow will 🎔 them.
  2. Flow 1.1 will also open older .flow files.

What’s Next?

Since our 1.0.4 we made a lot of progress on making Flow smoother, prettier, and easier to get to know through our docs. Next on the agenda for our team is planning out the next few months of feature building, and strengthening our user support capabilities.

As for 1.2, we’re currently considering:

  • Dynamic control for animations,
  • Early prototypes for adding components and interaction,
  • More and more and more tutorials.

Wait. What’s Flow?!?!

Great question.

Flow is a motion-design tool for animating Sketch files and eliminating the most painful parts of hand-off in app development. It bridges the gap between design and development by exporting production-ready native code for iOS and HTML.

If you’re not already familiar with our product please have a look at our previous article:

Flow 1.0.4

Our Site

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