Working for 10+yrs in IT as a designer, boredom & incessant cribbing seems to be a part of our lives. If you know anyone from IT, he would be bored with an almost machine-like(Home::Home) culture. They would either crib about:

  1. Salary
  2. Designation
  3. Undeserving Manager
  4. Office Politics
  5. False Onsite Hope
  6. Lack of variety in Canteen menu
  7. The Exponentially growing tech space

This is common in all IT companies irrespective of the size & demographics. To think of it, we are wrong to blame the company or the subset factors coming along with work in our daily lives. The point is we have lost our DRIVE! I have lost my DRIVE!

Yes, this thought I have been contemplating with for quite a while. I have tried many things during my offs — Hiking, cycling, writing etc but these activities form a short period of the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. It could be that I have been working all along & haven’t explored how I can look at my skills through a different lens.

The New Experience

I’m working at a CMM level 5 company as of now. Though my past 2 engagements were both startups. They are young, fast, dynamic & have a unique ability to dump a lot of varied work on their employees. You will learn a new skill today, another tomorrow. To add to this, if one has good communication skills then they request you to provide training to new joiners/ laterals. A cheap & effective way to share skills within the company barring exterior dependence.

I too was asked to provide UX/ UI design training. Resistant at first I decided to take it up as a challenge. Other than one’s core work, one has to shoulder more responsibilities with passing time. I ended up giving 5-day training sessions every 2–3 months only to discover my:

#1 Rise of Self-Confidence

#2 Introvertism out

#3 When one teaches, two learn

These qualities & learnings started to grow within. As time passed, I realized that I like teaching. In the sense, I share knowledge & get a perspective from my trainees. If I can’t gather feedback or have a dialogue, then I would have to relook at my teaching skills. I wouldn’t want my students to act out of fear but be more open to course context.

Post my corporate training stint, I got a call from an institute for a 2-month UX/UI course. A completely different playground where I would not teach the general IT crowd. It gave me a new direction & may help fill up that Drive void.

Time passed, I got busy with my course prep slowly realizing that the DRIVE void wasn’t just associated with work or part-time teaching. We work in this manner because it is deeply engraved in our system.

We have been moulded to study hard, get excellent grades, surpass interviews & land a good job at a big company. The culture of peer comparisons & percentile system diverts a student’s goal from learning & understanding to just get good grades. This practice replicates in our job scenarios. An employee toils his way to get by the day only to receive a regular monthly salary.

We are surrounded by a number which needs to be achieved by a specific period of time.

If not, you have missed out an academic year or faced a career gap issue. Alas, you could study up till a Ph.D. certification for any career qualification but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the why or where you are heading. Your missing DRIVE!

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