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January 2017 – Elena Pavlenko

Do you get blank stares and wide assumptions when people hear your UX job title? Indeed, there is still much confusion about who does exactly what in UX, so Zalando wanted to get to the core of the matter. With the help of UXswitch, we asked the UX community for their stories and opinions on this matter. Here’s what we’ve learned from our UX Job Title Survey from late last year.


ux job title survey 1

Shows the frequency of the various job titles. “Other” means <5 occurrences.


1. There is a huge variety of UX job titles, both in number (69 titles) and nature (e.g. ‘Human Factors Associate’ and ‘Product Designer’).

2. ‘UX Designer’ is the most common job title (24.7%)

3. Most job titles occurred less than five times (42.7%).

4. A third of the respondents perceive their current title as inaccurate (32.6%). Amongst these respondents, some wouldn’t even know a better alternative (17.2%).

5. The skill sets of the ‘UX Researcher’ and ‘Visual Designer’ are very distinct from other job titles.

6. ‘Visual Designer’ happens to be the clearest job title in terms of the expected skills required and practiced.


ux job title survey

UX Researchers and Visual Designers have the most distinct skill sets.


7. ‘Usability Engineer’, ‘UX Strategist’ and ‘Experience Architect’ are the three least understood job titles.

8. ‘Product Designer’ and ‘UX Designer’ are closely aligned based on their skill repertoire.

9. Overall, the UX job titles overlap to a high degree and need more differentiation.

10. UX professionals still have difficulty in exactly explaining their job to non-designers.

“My husband still does not understand what I REALLY do.”

“Service Designer? Is that like designing call centres?”

Interested in finding out more? Pop on over to the Zalando Tech Blog for a deeper explanation or download the UX Job Title Survey Results (PDF).


Source link https://www.uxswitch.com/top-10-insights-from-the-ux-job-title-survey/


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