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UX Team Health

November 2016 – UXswitch

Ever wondered how well your design team is structured, how good your boss is or whether other organizations do things better? These are the kind of questions you should be asking in order to assess your design team’s health.

If you answer YES to most of them, then you are on a winner. If the answers are mainly NO, then it might be time to think about moving on. Obviously, some answers might be more important to you than others but this will give you a helicopter view in any case.

{Edit September 2018: Read the results of the survey we conducted asking these questions}

Questions about the Management

  • Are team members mentored by seniors or managers?
  • Is the company vision and design strategy conveyed and clear?
  • Do managers set a good example in their professional and personal life?
  • Does your manager communicate to you or your team as much as they do to their boss?
  • Does career progression planning take place?
  • Do they recognise and reward your achievements?
  • What is the attitude to failure, a learning opportunity rather than blame?
  • Are conflicts handled in an unbiased, timely fashion?
  • Does the management try and do things to bring the team closer together?
  • Are you made to feel ok about taking sick days and vacation time?


Questions about People

  • Does coming to work make you feel okay (at the very least)?
  • Are you allowed to largely get on with your tasks without undue intrusion?
  • Are the activities you conduct varied enough for your liking?
  • Is it true to say that no relationship at work strained or unpleasant?
  • Is the type and level of communication in your team good?
  • Do you feel you have achieved a meaningful deliverable in the last 6 months?
  • Can you say that the team does not lack a certain or skill discipline e.g. visual design?
  • Is it fair to say that none of your team significantly underperforming or is purposefully idle?
  • Do you have fun at work, even sometimes?


Questions about Practice and Process

  • Does your design team have prescribed goals, principles or guidelines?
  • Do you get in touch with feedback from real users frequently, or ever?
  • Are the design tools and methodologies are suitable and well-practiced?
  • Are your working hours reasonable?
  • There is enough training to understand new methods and practices?
  • Do you ever get to attend UX industry events through work?


Questions about Physical Environment

  • Can you concentrate at work? Are the light, noise and air con levels appropriate?
  • Are there rooms, other areas and wall space enough for your project work?
  • Is your desk height and chair comfortable?
  • Are you encouraged to take breaks and keep physically healthy?
  • Can you easily access food and water during the day?


Questions about Team Efficacy

  • Has the design team recently contributed to something that has improved things for customers?
  • Has the design team recently done something to improve the financial situation of the company?
  • Does your team function well with other departments or areas of the company?
  • Do you think that the design team is respected within the company?


Sometimes we just need to stop, pause and reflect both in life and in the way we work. By taking a broader view we can start to identify patterns, see where we might be stuck in closed loops and where by changing just a little, we can achieve much more.

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Source link https://www.uxswitch.com/how-healthy-is-your-design-team/


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