Other Lessons Learned

Throughout my first , I learned many more lessons other than those related to code.

Firstly, I learned that you should never be scared of sharing. When I posted my first project in the Framer facebook group, I was overwhelmed by the attention that I got. I was both excited and terrified when people started to dig up my source code, which I did not feel was ‘good enough’ to share with the group at that time.

However, after a while, I realized that everyone was on the same page as I am — struggling to work out how to create prototypes on this program. People were not trying to judge me, but trying to learn from my experiences. I learned to change my perspective from “I have to provide perfect solutions.” to “I can provide a starting point to the community”.

I also learned the importance of prioritizing. When I started out, my archive website was pretty broken. The images were not optimized, the scroll was buggy…there is still a ton of other things I would like to change once I get the time to work on it.

However, I learned that sometimes you need to actively set a good break point in order to get on with the other stuff. Once I got the basic functionality working, I stopped lingering on my website and moved on to the real project itself. If I had hung on to it, I don’t think I would have ever gotten the project started, because there would always be something that I would want to change.

By prioritizing my project over my website, I was able to get going while I was still in a good mood, and fixing the website has also become a better experience, since I only have to fix a few things per day.

Source link https://uxplanet.org/30-days-of-framer-x-week-one-53644cb47cea?source=rss—-819cc2aaeee0—4


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