UXswitch is delighted to announce that Joanne Weaver has been awarded the title of World’s Best . Joanne is President, The Joanne Weaver Group – UX / Product Design Recruitment in New York, USA.

At UXswitch we’re all about raising the standard of recruitment practice in the UX arena. Therefore, for the forth year running we asked designers and employers to nominate who they thought was the World’s Best UX Recruiter this year. Invitations were issued to our database of designers, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other discussion boards.

“We’ve rarely had such an outpouring of praise for a recruiter as we had in 2018. There were literally hundreds of plaudits from UXers that Joanne placed in jobs, happy clients and enthusiastic co-workers, making Joanne a most worthy indeed.”

Frank Gaine, Co-Founder of UXswitch.com

“”I’m really delighted to win this award, thank you! Thanks so much to everyone who nominated me, and I really do share this award with my business partner Rebecca Levi, who is an incredible professional and partner and makes every day a joy, and with the entire UX community. Thanks UXswitch and to everyone who nominated me!”

Joanne Weaver, World’s Best UX Recruiter 2018

joanne weaver best ux recruiter


Joanne aced all three criteria for the award:

  • Understanding of UX and involvement in the UX community
  • Treating UXers with integrity and going the extra mile
  • Quality and quantity of UX roles held


Praise was given to Joanne from both UXers and colleagues alike. Joanne is known for genuinely understanding the design industry and learning about the ambitions and skills of the candidates on her books. This allows her to make better matches between organisations looking for design talent and those offering it. She is known for mentoring designers through the entire hiring process and even helping them create better portfolios to aid their quest for the perfect job. Key to her approach is a human and personal touch with clients and candidates. She is described as passionate, reliable, tenacious and truly interested in people. Read more of what people say about Joanne: 

“I’ve worked with Joanne as someone looking for a job and someone looking to hire. She’s amazing! She really takes the time to listen and understand what you’re looking for and what would be a good fit. She’s a true match-maker!”

Travis Harwood, Director of Product Design at InTurn, NYC


“Helpful. Kind. Encouraging. Professional. Responsive. Hospitable. Friendly. Unlike any other recruiter I’ve met. .”

Nour Diab Yunes, Senior Interaction and Service Designer


“Joanne has a deep understanding of market needs & the industry – not only does she represent me as an agent – her knowledge, guidance and critiques on portfolio and CV makes her much more of a mentor and advisor”

Marie Prezner, Head of Product and UX Design


“Working with Joanne is unlike any other recruiter. I’ve never had such a relationship with a recruiter, and the next time I need to move she will absolutely be my first call. “

Sherry Estabrook, Sr. UX Designer at AKQA


All of the team at UXswitch want to congratulate Joanne Weaver, we need more people like you in the industry. Special mention must be made of the other nominees for their high levels of professionalism and integrity. There received similar accolades from UXers and employers alike.

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